Day one:

I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, but I’ve wanted to start a blog for eons now but just never knew what to call it. I really don’t give a shit if anyone reads this or not. This is something I am doing for myself, maybe kind of like a journal of my thoughts and feelings. I’m doing this reasonably anonymously as well (I’ll share it with a very select few close friends) so that I can say “FUCK” ALL I FUCKING WANT ON HERE without offending any little-old-church-ladies that I happen to be related to. Because I don’t want to offend them- they’re family and I love them. Image

I’m kind of a loony… not in an “oh God, save us all” kind of way. I just have really eclectic, eccentric tastes and views. Case in point: the picture above. This is not my tattoo. But I get a huge kick out of it because I love Hello Kitty (“Hola Gato” in my world) and Silence of the Lambs. I tend to have a very dark sense of humor. You’ll see.

Fair warning: there will be lots of bitching about life in this blog. If you don’t want to read it, don’t. No one freaking asked you. I need to be allowed to vent. Especially since most of the shit I need to get off my chest is stuff that people are like “oh you can’t talk about that” even tho it’s not like it’s something offensive. It just might be an uncomfortable topic… like my miscarriages. I’ve had 2 miscarriages and lost 3 babies total. Last pregnancy was with twins thru IUI. Not over it. Not sure when I will be, if ever. There are good days and bad days and some days that are just surviving as “OK”. I’ll try not to be a “Debbie-downer”, but no promises. This IS *my* blog and I’ll write what I want.


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