Every so often the realization hits me: I threw my best friend a baby shower 2 weeks after I had a miscarriage.

Holy shit people.

I’m not even sure how I did that. I do know that she is probably one of the only people  in the entire world that I could have done that for. If it was anyone else, I quite possibly would not have even been able to *attend* their baby shower.

Someone might point out that I was just being “strong”, but I can tell you right now that it’s probably not the case. I think it was most likely the power of my love for her and her peanut and also probably a hefty dose of numbness from the intensity of grief.

Regardless of how I pulled it off, I deserve a fucking medal for being such a fucking awesome friend.  (I know she appreciates it. This is my version of flexing in a mirror, since I won’t actually do it because it annoys the shit out of me when Oswald does it (all the damn time!)) (I love you Goober!)


Someone please check on me December 6th. That was my twins due date and I know I won’t be ok. I will be at work that day, but it’s going to be rough. I will probably be holding my shit together with a prayer and a paperclip.


I really need to post some funny shit on here soon. This shit’s depressing as fuck.

Too bad I’m trying to stay “incognito” because I want to post a link to my hilarious-ass Pinterest board like Jenny does, because Dayum I pin some funny-ass shit.  And a hell of a lot more often than she does. If you’re reading this, there is a 99% chance you know me, so go check out my boards and laugh your ass off. You’re welcome.


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